The balanced combination makes the perfection

Outdoor wood deck tile is a continuation of successes Fansipan achieved in our way to find the definition of perfection for outdoor products. Not just as simple as a natural wood floor mat, the combination of outdoor furniture and acacia deck tiles even highlight the harmony and luxury of your outdoor spaces like balcony, poolside, terrace, and garden.

The difference in quality

You will certainly realize the differences of uniqueness and distinction of Fansipan’s products compared to other outdoor products at the first glance and Fansipan wood deck tile is not an exception. These differences come from the values of the products' appearance and the quality of wood slats that are processed for outdoor using purposes. The surfaces of wood slats are elaborated, polished, soaked in wood stain, and be coated by a layer of oil for waterproofing and preservation. Having an optimal quality and meeting standards of an outdoor product like anti-termite, anti-slip, waterproof, eco-friendly; Fansipan wood deck tile deserves to be the best choice for users.

Convenient uniformity

A wood deck tile has an inherent beauty of delicacy of a product of Fansipan brand and convenience in use. The deck tile is made of a plastic base below with a flexible latch structure that helps the deck tile be easily interlocked, installed, and removed without any tool and equipment. The plastic base connects to 12 wood slats above forming a square wood deck tile with dimensions of 300*300 mm. The division into 04 smaller squares with symmetrically vertical and horizontal arrangements of the wood slats even makes it by far attractive. All make a wood deck tile that brings the best user experience.