Soft design

With a desire to be user-friendly, Fansipan Kite is inspired by the softly delicate lines of a kite which is an imprint of Eastern custom. The backrest bent as a kite wing makes a big impression of its simplicity but still, has a tendency of delicacy and modernity. Wood pieces in the top rail and the apron of the Fansipan Ki are bent to the direction of users’ touchpoints. Not only does that bring a feeling of comfort while using it but it also is the design language of Fansipan. Different from other products of Fansipan, the seat of the Fansipan Kite made of wood pieces with an overflow-designed border brings the Fansipan Kite a beauty of grace, elegance, and uniqueness. 

Solid structure

The iron frame of Fansipan Kite is designed for aesthetics, making its specific characteristic but still keeps solidity for product and reliability for users. 1.2mm-thick, bearing capable round iron pipes are bent to excellent curves that make Fansipan Kite comes true with its name. The frame is electrostatic powder-coated with jet black color pointing up the natural color of wood and elegance of the Fansipan Kite. In addition, the legs of the Fansipan Kite table can be easily removed or installed.

Perfect quality

Fansipan Kite is a product of the combination of delicacy in design and modernity in manufacturing technology. Fansipan Kite gets high assessments from users not only because of its quality but also its competitive price compared to others in the same segment. Having weather resistance-the key feature of an outdoor product, accompanied with water-resistance of the wood surface, Fansipan Kite is a great choice for spaces like gardens, balconies, café shops, and restaurants.