Luxurious style

Fansipan Patio has an elegant and tidy look. The wood surface is covered by two layers of oil for waterproofing and sunlight protection. The finishing oil is designed to impress on the color of acacia as well as to highlight its natural grains. The frame is made from 1.2mm oval steel, which guarantees the strength of the structure while remaining a graceful appearance. All of those details work together to bring out the attractiveness and elegance of Fansipan Patio.

Delicacy in every details

Fansipan Patio is a combination of the worldwide regnant trend of using wood slats for outdoor furniture and customers’ preference of choosing products with harmonious design. Therefore, the wood pieces in the top rail and the apron of the Fansipan Patio are bent along users’ touchpoints to bring aesthetics into the product and deliver comfort to its users. Besides, the backrest and the seat of Fansipan Patio can be curved or straight directions to fit the customers’ personalities. These features make distinguished characteristics of Fansipan Patio.

Modern style

By thoroughly understanding customers’ desires, Fansipan Patio is introduced with the same shape but in different styles. Not only does Fansipan give customers choices for the backrest and the seat of the Patio chair but also provides 3 options of tabletop design to suit users’ preferences. Otherwise, all tables and chairs in the Patio product line are foldable to deliver tidiness and space-saving for users. Having a stunning design and a competitive price, Fansipan Patio can be used for café shops, restaurants, and outdoor spaces like balconies, gardens, and terrain.