Conquer the top of Perfection

At Fansipan, we define a perfect design is just a model to pursue but can not acquire! That is because after a successful product is an innovation of quality and appearance to go further. Therefore, Fansipan Valley is created to set a standard for the design of Vietnamese café and garden furniture and affirm the demonstration of Fansipan in our way to conquer the top of Perfection.


Diversity in design

When designing a product, Fansipan initiates by spectating customers' habits and using our creativeness to create a product with the ability to harmonize spaces. As a product of the Fansipan brand, Fansipan Valley have a specific design of Fansipan like soft line, the top rail and the apron are 2-dimension curved and stackable. All make a product with an ultimate design and a feeling of comfort when using. Otherwise, to be compatible with users’ multiple spaces, Fansipan Wood is designed with different types and sizes to bring the best using experience and be suitable with spaces.

Ultimate quality

Fansipan Valley is an outdoor product line 100% made of wood. Therefore, Fansipan always concentrates on the ability to endure the harsh climate. The no-knot wood slats are dried to anti-termite and anti-mold. In the last process, the wood slats are smoothened by 320 grit sandpapers, soaked in finishing oil for 03 times, and covered a layer of oil for waterproofing and UV resistance. The ultimate quality as well as the perfect design help Fansipan Valley become the top choice for outdoor spaces like café shops, restaurants, gardens, terraces, and balconies.