Diversify choices

Different from natural wood, designers in Fansipan have another choice for material. Table and chairs set made of 100% iron brings the beauty of unique, charming, and multiform shapes and colors. In that way, we diversify product choices to be harmonious with your spaces.

The imprint of Fansipan’s style in design language

Despite using iron, customers still recognize Fansipan's product at the first sight. That is because of our elaborateness and carefulness in the design: curved pieces of iron make satisfying comfort in use; rounded edges of the iron pieces make the product highly aesthetic, solid, and reliable. Otherwise, products still keep their convenience in using like folding or stacking.

Outstanding quality

As an outdoor and garden product, the criterion of weather resistance is always prioritized. All materials were carefully chosen before be manufactured with optimal conditions like no rusty, no stained, no creased, and no scratched surface, and so on.  Furthermore, entire products are coated in a high-tech electrostatic powder coat line with precise supervision.