Difference in Design

Initiating from the reality of restaurant furniture in Vietnam’s market, designers in Fansipan use their creativeness to create affordable Fansipan brand’s restaurant furniture to bring more perfection and luxury to restaurants’ spaces. Apart from most restaurant products in Vietnam, the wood pieces in the top rail and apron are bent along users’ touchpoints to deliver a feeling of comfort for its users. Moreover, it is a distinguished point of the furniture that edges of the wood slats of the chair are cut to cover the iron frame to make a delicacy in appearance.

Solidity in Structure

The frame is made of oval iron pipes and curved in a diagonal direction to increase the beauty in aesthetics and the solidity in structure. The table is foldable when be delivered or unused. The iron frame is electrostatic powder-coated with jet black color pointing up the natural color of the wood and the luxury of the furniture.

Optimality in Quality

Fansipan’s restaurant furniture is a combination of aesthetics in design and modernity in manufacturing technology. The furniture gain satisfaction from users not only because of their quality but also their competitive price compared to others in the same segment. The restaurant furniture has novelty compared to Fansipan’s outdoor and garden furniture; therefore, the appearance of the restaurant furniture makes a good mark in Vietnam’s market.