Anh Dat LLC was founded in 2010. In 2016, it transformed to Fansipan Patio Furniture JSC. Before the Fansipan brand was known, we had joined the supply chain of TARNO’s wood slats and PLATA, RUNEN deck tiles for one of the most famous groups in the world- IKEA for 6 years. This period is a precious source of energy to launch Fansipan in 2016. By distinguished design based on a profound understanding of the need and trend of the outdoor furniture market, combined with seniority and advanced producing technologies; Fansipan is an answer to your search for natural wooden outdoor furniture with elaboration to the smallest details and internationally worthy quality.     

Commany Timeline
  • 2010
    Founded Anh Dat Limited Liability Company
    Build 10,000 m2 factory.
  • 2011
    IKEA’s TARNO wood slats supply chain.
  • 2014
    Continued to join
    IKEA’s PLATA (RUNEN) wood deck tiles supply chain.
  • 2016
    Transformed to
    Fansipan Patio Furniture Joint Stock Company.
  • 6/2016
    Presented two Fansipan’s products
    Fansipan Patio and Fansipan Kite.
  • 11/2017
    Opened a branch
    in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).
  • 2/2018
    the first batch of goods to Korea.
  • 1/2019
    over 200 retailers in 58 provinces of Vietnam.
  • 1/2020
    over 30 products.
  • 3/2021
    25,000 m2 factory.
Our products. Our design

Natural wood is a living thing, despite being processed. Creativeness in design and manufacturing is unlimited energy in any activity. The combination of a living creature and a constant creation brings a different value to customers when using Fansipan’s products.

Our experience

Having a team of managers and specialized workers with more than 20-year experience in manufacturing outdoor furniture and over 25 years of work in wood processing, Fansipan devotes our entire capabilities, knowledge, and experience to create the best products for users.

Our enthusiasm

Aesthetics is always the lodestar for the designers at Fansipan.  To ensure harmony in every detail and appropriateness in usages, our entire products are designed, tested, and checked carefully before being manufactured and transported to customers. 

Our technology

The production lines of Fansipan imported from Germany, Japan, Italy are modern machines and equipment.  Therefore, our products are always precise and elaborate but still have an affordable price.  

Customer Feedback
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