Why should you choose Fansipan’s outdoor products?

In the research process, we understand that outdoor furniture for café shops, cafeterias, and garden spaces should acquire criteria of harmony design, harsh climate enduring ability of materials, ultimate utility, and affordability. 

The followings are five reasons that customers should choose the perfect solutions from Fansipan Outdoor Patios JSC.

European qualified manufacturer

 Having over 25-year seniority in producing outdoor furniture with premium quality, especially taking part in the supply chain of outdoor furniture for IKEA, Fansipan can take the initiative in control from producing processes like product design, wood processing technology, production management to service and retailers. Therefore, products for Fansipan are pride bringing perfect solutions for spaces of café shops and gardens with trendily modern styles. 

 Having factories invested with high-tech production lines, we are capable to make products with premium quality, world-class and worthy.

 Talking about outdoor furniture is talking about living style. Every inch and every graceful detail of the product are the combination of modern manufacturing technology with the expertise of workers.

Excellent natural materials.

 All product of Fansipan is created from well and strictly chosen materials. Natural woods for production are taken from a space of two meters from the foot of the tree and are old enough for exploitation.  

 Wood slats for manufacturing must acquire our standards of having and no knot (both dead knots and live knots). The wood pieces are processed with automatic drying systems for making a certain not to be warped, split, crack, and anti-terminate. Otherwise, iron pipes for the frame are supplied by highly reputable suppliers like Hoa Phat JSC and 190 JSC. Moreover, the modernly automatic electrostatic powder coating systems are certified for suitability with outdoor products. In addition, the waterproofing oil, which covers the surface of wood, is imported and be made from natural ingredients to ensure compatibility with the wood. 

  To increase friendliness and safety for users, all materials chosen by Fansipan must acquire international certifications of quality like e1, carb-p2 and the percentage of formaldehyde release is approximately equal to 0.

Diverse product types for diverse outdoor spaces.

  Products of Fansipan Outdoor Patios JSC have a variety of designs. Foldable or stacking models of chairs and tables bring convenience for transporting as well as using. Otherwise, Fansipan’s products have various sizes from mini sizes to big sizes to suit specific spaces of restaurants, cafés, gardens, porches, terraces, balconies, and sidewalk cafés. Besides the variety of material options, colors also help customers have appropriate choices.

 The customers, who are looking for outdoor furniture for their spaces of cafés or gardens respond that they are satisfied when they choose the products of Fansipan Outdoor Patios JSC. 

Economical solution for outdoor furniture 

Thanks to the design for mass-producing as well as our investment in advanced manufacturing technology, optimally automatic production line; not only do products of Fansipan acquire standards of quality but also be affordable. 

The diversity in models gives more choices for customers and gives us advantages in buying materials. In the purchasing process, woods and materials are carefully classified to be appropriate with each product line. This is the reason that makes Fansipan’s products have competitive prices.

Professional and perfect service

With the headquarter in Hai Duong, a branch in Ho Chi Minh City, and over 200 retailers in Vietnam, customers can easily and conveniently buy Fansipan’s product. Customers in every province can purchase our products without traveling a long distance. Moreover, in Vietnam, our products are delivered within 24 hours. Otherwise, Fansipan gives a 12-month warranty for every product in case of having our mistake.